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Hey you! I am Megan Gilger, a designer and tastemaker with a deep passion for producing work from the rawest most instinctual forms. My husband and business partner, Mike and I are behind this curated place on the internet. We produce all of the content for the blog as a team.

Our story: We met at college. I was dating someone else. He was single and having fun. I was his TA in a design class. He was a cocky transfer student. I made sure he didn’t get an A. He didn’t know it. One year passes. I find myself single. He still doesn’t know I didn’t give him an A on purpose. We both are placed in all the same classes Fall Semester senior year. We find ourselves on competing studio projects as art directors. He listens to me. I listen to his choice of music. We become friends. He takes me to a hockey game. I take him to an art gallery. 3 months later we were head over heels in love and collaborating on projects. We were engaged 8 months after we realized we were in love. The rest is the story we see unfolding here.

If you were to meet us on the street I would most likely be wearing a white deep V tee paired with dark skinnies and my Frye boots. Mike in a chambray and green pants with his favorite made in Texas boots. He is the practical and organized one and I am the wild dreamer.

When we are not in the studio or blogging we are exploring Northern Michigan, traveling the world, finding ways to live the best life we can.

About the Fresh Exchange

The Fresh Exchange began in the winter of 2010 to catalog my ideas and thoughts as a designer. Two years later I find myself claiming to be a designer gone blogger. I have always had a passion for teaching and growing others and The Fresh Exchange has provided that outlet for me. I have found the power of my own aesthetic as a designer through the freedom of having this space. The Fresh Exchange will continue to always be a place where I explore my style as a designer as well as be a resource of inspiration to my awesome readers.

In 2013 Mike joined me in this space as a contributor and now acts as a space for us both to create and catalog our ideas as creatives.

I feel so humbled by every comment and email I receive and from the relationships I have been able to build. In the years to come I plan to continue to provide fresh and innovative content that will continue to inspire and contribute to the creative community.

About Wild Measure

Wild Measure began in early 2010 as a boutique design studio, originally Hitch Design Studio. Originally the creative studio for Megan Gilger, it has now expanded to Now owned by Mike and I, our list of clients consists of creative businesses looking for hands on design services. We pride ourselves in investing in our clients and their needs as well as building strong relationships into who they are as a company.

We are currently creating our new website. If you are interested in working with us please email us at hello@wildmeasure.com we will do our best to respond to every email so please be patient. Every project is different and thus so is our pricing. We create quotes for every project.